Thursday, August 26, 2004

Lesbians Are Our Friends--

For me it was one summer when I was living in Japan .... their names were Pam and Kim .... It was one of the most memorable love affairs of my life .... and I can honestly say -- Lesbians are my friends --- but I digress

The election year craziness is upon us and many of my really-conservative friends are yelling and jabbering like a clique of cocaine-addled Gibbons after Vice President Cheney basically came out and dropped the bomb by suggesting that equality for lesbians and gays only makes sense.

"The fact of the matter is we live in a free society," said Cheney, "and freedom means freedom for everybody. We don't get to choose, and shouldn't be able to choose and say, 'You get to live free, but you don't.' And I think that means that people should be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to enter into."

Isn't it about time somebody on our side of the political fence finally had the balls to say something like this? Isn't that what conservative values really are about--letting people be free from government interference in their private lives as long as their behavior doesn't hurt others?

I'm a heterosexual male and I have never met one lesbian or gay male who I thought meant to do me any harm at all. In fact, some of the most interesting, thoughtful people I have had the pleasure of meeting have been gay. None have ever tried to "convert me over to the dark side of the sexual force," convince me that being heterosexual was a twisted and depraved choice, or suggest the government should monitor my sexual acts however twisted.

I understand deeply religious people's beliefs--and ironically many of the lesbian and gay people I know understand the religious arguments. People have the right to believe what they want.

But if we truly are conservatives and believe in the right of the individual--we need to congratulate the vice president rather than crucify him--and welcome lesbians and gays into the party.

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