Monday, August 16, 2004

GREECE :More White Powder Discovered in Athens Suburbs Post Office

This From OSAC


from Elevtherotipia on Saturday, August 14, 2004

Translated by FBIS from Greek to English:

The alarm was raised at the Metaxourgion ELTA [Greek Posts] on 29 Koumoundourou street when suspicious white powder was discovered among the packages. The powder, which weighed approximately 5 gms and had the texture of flour, was found on a shelf on the first floor of the building in the package delivery department. Men of the team handling dangerous substances hurried to the scene wearing special uniforms and received the suspicious package. All procedures in place were followed (the area and the employees who came into contact with the powder were sterilized) and the package was given to the representatives of the Special Infections Center and the State Laboratory. The results are expected today but according to initial assessments there is nothing alarming.

The final test results for the yellow powder that was discovered at the Elevtherios Venizelos ELTA a few days ago were announced officially and they are negative.

Copyright 2004 Athens Elevtherotipia.

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