Thursday, August 05, 2004

From WETN Albany--Albany Men Arrested for Suspected Terrorism Activity

(updated: August 5th, 10:48am) Three men have been arrested in Albany and are being held on a criminal complaint for materially supporting terrorism. A trustee at the Majid Al Salam mosque tells NEWS10 a third man, Abdul Barr Shuaib, has also been taken into custody.

Officials say the men are linked to Ansar al-Islam, a group officials say is tied to al-Qaida.

Law enforcement officials say the men face charges of providing material support to terrorism. Officials say the men were involved in the money-laundering aspects of a plot to help a man they thought to be a terrorist buy a shoulder-launched missile.

The man was an undercover agent.

The men are identified as the imam (Yassin Aref) and one of its founders (Mohammed Hoosain).

Officials say the investigation isn't related to the latest boost in the terror alert level.

Federal and local officials raided the mosque and two residences this morning.

More details are expected later today in a Justice Department news conference.

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