Friday, August 27, 2004

Coaltion of Hate gets 48% of vote

Anyone who saw "Fahrenheit 9/11" (and everyone else, for that matter) should keep in mind the single most important scene in it. And this has nothing to do with Michael Moore's opinions or arguments about what's "true". The scene I am referring to is George W. Bush, decked out in white tie and tails, addressing some of the wealthiest people in the world--those Bush called the 'haves' and 'have mores'. Bush said "Some people call you the elite, I call you my base." *laughs from the plutocrats and aristocracy in attendance*

The Republicans have built an interesting coaltion over the past 16 years. They have convinced millions of Americans to vote against their own interests by focusing on hot button issues. And those issues are almost always related to the average American's deep and (sometimes) unconscious desire to punish people they don't like. What do I mean? How many poor people who are losing health care benefits and who now work for minimum wage after their manufacturing job left town will vote for Bush because they like the idea of being "pro life"? I don't know anyone who is "anti life" or even "pro abortion". Thirty percent of pregnancies are terminated by abortion whether it's legal or not. Make it illegal and you won't save any babies--but you will put thousands of women and some sympathetic doctors in prison.

And those angry American voters love to put people in prison. You vote for Bush because you hate Arabs or Muslims, you hate "drug users", you hate "homos"...Face it, if most Americans voted for candidates based upon what's best for them and their families (jobs, schools, civil rights, environmental protection, health care benefits), NONE of you would vote for a party that has $10,000-a-plate dinners where they site around smoking (illegal) Cuban cigars and laughing at how stupid you are and how easy it is to take your money away.

This election is much more a referendum on just how hateful and greedy and easily manipulated your "average American" is than any other issue. The rest is smoke and mirrors and we'll all pay for the really hateful people in America--those who vote for someone because they think he hates the same people they do. And this is how neocons and Republicans get 48% of the vote from poor Southerners, out of work northerners, suburban white men, and all the people who buy into fear and hatred.

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