Thursday, July 15, 2004

WMD CHatter From Islamist Sites

from HomelandSecurityNet

WMD Threats From Islamist Sites

William's note: Here's "raw" intelligence data from Jill St Claire's site. These are several WMD threat posts--Both Al Hayat and Hareetz have written articles about the increased chatter in Islamist and Islamic chat rooms  ... it is long and disjointed ... and could be crackpots ... still, some of this marries with threats and capabilities
The Al-Qaeda threatens with the doing of an attack ' he shocks the scientist ' against the United States The Islam thinker : the Al-Qaeda Organization threatened with the doing of an attack ' he shocks the scientist ' against the United States .And the threat came in a meeting that took place with Abu Salma Hijazi one of organization leaders, and the meeting took place in a predominant the doubt in Al-Faloga city at a distance of 50 kilometres in the west of Baghdad, as she was informed the newspaper of I Bi Si ' ' the Spanish . And according to what the newspaper mentioned said Hijazi it ' the preparation for a terrific hitting takes place in the utmost of the boldness . And the unbelievers will suffer in this destructive hitting according to our calculations, more than is 100.000 of the losses in the souls ', as he pointed that the execution of the attack will take place through a Ramadan the current, the one that except the affability of days remained of it, saying ' I believe that the attack its execution will take place through the present month, that attack that will shock the scientist ', but it did not announce more details . And Hijazi confirmed also that the Al-Qaeda Network was still strong and effective in spite of the detentions with wide range to the many from its fighters in different world countries . And it's worth mentioning that the United States have carried the Al-Qaeda Organization, that Osama Ben Ladin leads, the responsibility of attacks of 11 September 2001 the one that resulted in 3000 casualties .. The source : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The nuclear warfare is !!The hitting scenario coming to the base God willing Yes it is the sole solution for the destruction of the crusaders and if we drank the bitterness of the war he kept off it and the nuclear warfare from the destination of my consideration is kinds a many from it the Alzrbat of the chemical and the bacterial one . And so that we imagine now the scenario of some Alzrbat that may establish in Hubal the age and the time idol . What if they sickened one of young man are one of their high buildings and he carries by its hand its packs a French perfume Shahira its workshops contains the anthrax item to the air ¿¿ The drizzle will spread certainly in the areas of the intended city certainly that will not discover the cautious authorities of security in the United States not to a passage except ¿¿¿ After it is too late ¿ ¿ ¿ he will start the injured with the flow to the country hospitals an Aladmi without managing their aid !!! And the spokesman will declare by the house in the name of so the White House accusation eggs of the base with this attack . And after a short time the newscaster Sidhr passes so that he declares that the spokesman is by the Al-Qaeda poison the His Eminence Sheikh / Suleiman Abu Ghaith its officials the Al-Qaeda about the attack . And its His Eminence confirms that the operations this time will not stop till that America declares its defeat and recognizes its withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq and Palestine and the Arabs island . Definitely an Alalog will refuse this in apparent matter and to I name them in the end that will yield to the sparing of their families 's blood He may say some of the languid and with them some of the sympathizers an also ¿¿ America at it I arm it an advanced to the purpose she will revenge in moments We say yes We will die or for the sublimity of believers that not the order such of you we die by its nobles and have cured the grudge good than the death with as camel under the shoes of the crusade foreigner Number scenario ( ) The famous American television declares ( ( a cnn ) ) about a huge explosion in one of biggest American cities and starts the transmission ãä ãæÞÚ the explosion and no still the Americans officials that they declare that the attack was by a polluted bomb and a remoteness observed it for its share that starts so ÔÚÇÚ in the spread and for its share a remoteness for its share increases number of the casualties in the rise and the injuries start in the increase and an Alalog rushes for the escape from the cities that insulted from it the Islamic world and America sends its forces to the revenge toward the dryness of the American blood the cold Alkhnziri an origin He escaped you ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ !!!!! A hitting it a new shakes them and brings out them from the initiative range ¿ Britain is exposed to an attack from the self kind and their bases in the Arabian Peninsula are exposed to the attacks of the jihad current at the same time so that she is the massacre and the forces of Taliban and mujahid march in Iraq for the dismissal of the invaders and dropping the governments the customer Then will an Imrikaa manage the handling in like so cases A scenario ( ) And he is the severest terror expectations to Zion sons and their allies An atomic bomb that the rule cultivated for example that says a proverb in the evil capital heart is Washington Tkhilo with me how the world state be the dimension of these hitting that America from its stage and its dispersal will go to pieces a small By Allah on you the you wish with me that And who knows This all or at least some of it may happen in a day from the days And the meant is in the narrator abdomen Books it and its imagination / a revolutionary is Allah sword Yes and Allah we wish it Grilling an Almkhthlin concerned that prepare their matters from now and their defence for Hubal the age and its tails from the rulers Abu Osama Alimani REPLY The In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you it God bless you a brother ..Your governor is a new plan One of one of New York skyscrapers Almaghdin climbs and sprays a stronger item from the anthrax .. About what other carry out the explosion of a nuclear bag near the White House in Washington ... About what another carries out the explosion of another bag the nuclear one of America establishments canteens in another city .. And another carries out the explosion of a dirty bomb in Las Vegas .. Meanwhile the explosion of a nuclear bag takes place near the British Parliament and the explosion of Qtha bomb in one of Britain cities .. And she rushes one of jihad groups by explosion operations in Japan .. And another in China About what he carries out the Chechens mujahid by their role in Russia ... And an end .. The two students penetrate through suddenly Iran borders a march towards Iraq and the Arabs island They imagined does the world wake up from the terror of this shrine except and the mujahid all over the world they have transmitted their control ... Definitely no government in America and Britain because it its explosion took place For you my greetings Al-Zubair Alazdi 's father A forum the mujahid With Ben Laden 's directions * * * * * * * * * we continue that trained Manhattan So that we force I am banished America * * * * * * * * and cut its disgraceful evil I O Bush a terrorist * * * * * * * * * * * the triumph iron and the eyetoothö I gathered the day my friends * * * * * * * * * so that we remove your dark night REPLY The In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you it A brother is Saif Al-Dawla .. I do not know the reason of this look .. A simple question only ..Who he is expected that Japan declares its surrender in front of America ¿¿ And who was expecting that America withdraws from Somalia ¿¿ And who was expecting that America withdraws from Lebanon ¿¿ And who was expecting that Soviet Union withdraws from Afghanistan and that he ends after a short period ¿¿ And another is from the questions ¿¿¿ Do she know the common connection therefore all .. It is after the will of Allah the power .. We now live in animals society .. On the jungle law .. The survival is for the fittest ..And he changed the powers that do not remain now There we see how became we .. More honourable Europe animals a bestowal at them .. But look at Al Qaeda Network for example .. All of the superpowers are the readiness for this category of thousand consideration .. Look at the mujahid in Chechnya .. Russia fears them despite its liar statements .. Look at the mujahid in Kashmir .. He informed me one of the Indians and he does that with us plenty of the soldiers refuse the departure for Kashmir front fearing of the mujahid .. And another is from the a lot examples .. A brother we and Allah do not dream if the mujahid applied these plans America and another stopped .. Says America that the death of million American does not frighten .. He does not concern .. But in the end they will fear when they see that the mujahid bestowed in their promises and their threats .. Do she know that plenty of the Americans did not fear Manhattan battles ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ Because we cultivated in them this the result of our fear which happened ... But an imagination if that Almdahrat and the celebrations prevailed the areas of the Arab and Islamic countries the Americans acquainted its time that all are with the fighting ... But unfortunately that the bubble that the mujahid removed who on America .. We returned we and put it again .. So that America is the strongest power in the world .. How he is understood that we fear America and do not fear Allah ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ An acceptance my greetings Al-Zubair Alazdi 's father A forum the mujahid

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