Thursday, July 08, 2004

NutWatch 2004--Get the Thorazine Ready!

Presidential election years seem to bring out serious crackpots and wackos-professional nut-jobs who should be shot full of Thorazine and made to shuffle aimlessly through the halls of a prison for the criminally insane.

There is simply no facility secure enough to protect us from these people-many who feel they must join organizations of like-mindless individuals suffering from similar pathology.

One of these new organizations, ominously named "2004 Racism Watch," has taken offense at a Bush ad that according to UPI's Peter Roff, "says makes reference "to terrorism and terrorists while highlighting a photograph of an anonymous man of Middle Eastern descent" and wants it changed or taken off the Bush-Cheney 2004 Web site."

Who should they have shown? A Chinese juggler? Cowboys in Texas? Japanese geishas?

Huum, where do the majority of the terrorists groups in the world, including the 19 men who brought us 9/11 receive funding, training, and then operate and grow?

But before you answer, get ready to be called a racist for stating facts.

You may answer silently.

Who are these newest collections of wackos who want to bring racism into the political arena this year? There is a list at Newest Candidates For Therapy. Mental health workers may want to e-mail them and offer prompt treatment.

Among this obviously-not-on-their-medication group are actors Ed Asner, Ed Begley Jr., and Susan Sarandon; former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga. and authors Noam Chomsky and Barbara Ehrenreich.

I'm not going to whip on the actors and actresses too much-it's a brutal profession that leaves psychological wounds too numerous to enumerate here. You can imagine how easy it would be to actually believe you are the character you're playing-something that is OK for five-year-olds but is quite disturbing when you see somebody as old as Martin Sheen parading around the country acting like he really is the president of the United States.

Mental pathology from actors and actresses has made many psychiatrists, clinical psychologist, substance abuse counselors, divorce attorneys and religious shamans of all persuasions very rich in southern California.

You expect people like the two Eds and Susan to attach themselves to bizarre causes such as Racism Watch 2004.

Barbara and Noam's worldview also explains their participation with this group of misfits as well. Both are extreme far left, filled with self-loathing and hatred for the usual left-wing isms and schisms-capitalism, republicanism, sexism, Catholicism, maleism, racism, wealthism, caucasianism, militarism and Zionism.

In short, if you are a white, Christian, male republican, supporter of Israel everything bad in the world is your fault and you must endlessly repay the debt accumulated throughout the centuries.

Doctor, do you have that Thorazine handy yet?

Finally, we will comment on the participation of former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga., who along with Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Ma. and Maxine Watters, D-Ca., are living proof that democracy as envisioned by the Greeks is no longer tenable in America. One-person, one-vote depended on an educated and intelligent society of voters and these three's participation in the political process suggests not even a moderately-educated voter base.

If there truly were justice in the world, Ms. McKinney would long ago have been, caned, drugged and wrapped in a stylish white coat and placed in what used to be called the nuthouse. Just a few of her paranoid, disjointed mental hallucinations include: accusing President Bush of knowing about 9/11 beforehand an failing to stop it to make money, apologizing to the Muslims for September 11th and blaming it on American policy, blaming all mideast terror on Israel, insisting the CIA assassinated Martin Luther King, and the Kennedys, that crack cocaine was somehow a conspiracy of white people aimed at destroying black people and on an on.

In short, any organization that allows her to serve on their board, lacks any modicum of credibility and the very sanity of its' members is seriously in doubt.

I predict the only racism this group will find will be in Republican ads this election year. Call me cynical-but 20 years of liberal political correctness and political strategy suggests this to be so.

Nutwatch 2004 is blowing full force

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