Friday, July 16, 2004

More Islamist Chatter

Homeland Security Net

William's Note: Here's some more un-edited chatter from Islamist web sites. Now, I will be the first to tell you this could be a bunch of "people wishing," but with the long trail of shoddy nuclear weapons security in the old Soviet Union, Pakistan, and the nutcase in North Korea--prudence would seem to require a close look

The latest Al Qaida threat is towards the end of the article

The Next Hit On America -

What They Have Said On The Arabic Forums

Posted 1-30-2004

A danger threatens the world

Does become suitable to us that we dream of the lost peace under the biological war signsThe injustice in our world today has made a destructive terror .

An economic biological war he started its intensity increasing between some of the countries these days .After the anthrax, the foot-and-mouth disease, Sars disease, the exported mad cow, the birds Inflwenza, obscure diseases and what after?

The escape to the space he the solution has some and the escape to the sky he the safest has the another some .Then does he realize the rational who the politicians that the ship that carries us all, was about to the drowning ? or rational politicians did not remain in this afflicted world ? ( or what its state was so ) .

And finally and is not other the world as long as missing the justice then its citizens should not dream of the peace .

And peace be upon you ....................


Who prevents the migrating birds?

Some of the countries started tolling the tocsin and mobilized the armies for the fight of these diseases that can kill millions of the human being as said by one of the officials . As for our Arab world then its armies busy with the chase of the Muslim young man and as if the matter do not concern it .

Then this Europe have closed its borders in the face of the imported birds despite that the migrating birds are from the planter winter of Europe to the warm regions that will return to Europe after the end of the winter there . But this time she may become carrying with it or laden with some destructive diseases .And with it the limits or the dams at it will not benefit no with the blame of the oppressor except himself .


The generous a brother is Badi' Al-ZamanPeace be upon you and the thankfulness of what was presented from a subject that expresses as such coming dangers threaten the human race ... The one that persisted and was used to a truth on the war giving of the peace ( and she a word became consuming ) by the wall middle because of the greeds that allow that this ignorant unfair gets it ... So that he comes a silent faint danger imitating in these diseases and the epidemics and the seeking refuge are by Allah ... And that for it the ability after Allah in a harvest the millions from the human being without free and single she is shot from rifle mouth or a gun ...And under the struggle of the human race with the sons of its skin ... Does this element realize these dangers ... A mother he hits with it the wall middle as the consumed word ( the peace ) !!! And she was truthful when she wondered on the presence of rational politicians in the world ...

An abundant is my greeting of your noble person a brother is Badi' Al-Zaman ...


We assumed a murderous coming hit of the crusaders but what expect that she is their reaction

The In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most MercifulWill they collapse and stop their campaign against the Arab and Islamic countries and a Ytqfoa about the support of Israel ..

Will they carry out the answer of a criminal action with the use of weapons and atomic bombs against the one(s) who blew and tramped from the Muslims .. And regardless of the governments attitude the customer for them ....

The rule will not leave to them the field with the control of the answer of the action but she who will impose on them the handling wayBut there ready spare hits may be to be ready to behaviours not rationality is from the American administration ...

We hope that we hear your opinions

- - - - - - - - - - - - the signing - - - - - - - - - - - -A glory be to oh Allah ! and with your praise I testify to no god except you I seek forgiveness you and repent to you


If there a hit was to America .... And this expected .......

Then she will be an overwhelming hit ... A destructive ...To America any chance does not maintain for the answer

Then the necklace will disperse on America then she will become busy by her state and will turn over

The situation is in Afghanistan and Iraq

God knows best


A brother the dinar,

No the doubt that Allah is capable on the erasure of America from the presence in less than twinkling of an eye with his saying be then is,

And through the consideration of the cosmic ways we see that your expectation is difficult that he was not impossible,

Then how he can the besieged Al-Qaeda men everywhere and by their modest abilities very ( until September events she was not by a miracle ) that they remove a continent who on the presence and drop her with single hit .

The generous a brother,

Our religion orders us the meditation and the mind works what he does not oppose a definitive matter from the sharia . Then I employ your mind and thought about what she wrote and will see that you exaggerated a lot .

And Allah keeps you


And is there a crime the crusaders was not committing her against the Muslims and what might them that they do more than the one who carried out his action then in patience and Shatila the envious crusading west carried out the cutting of the abdomens of the pregnant women and carried out slain babies the slaughter of the ewes, then does he wait the two crosses that we carry out the defence for souls until they commit their crimes or that the fact is that the delinquency of the cross slave was not stop for one day\


A brother is economic ...Allah rewarded you a good

Do she can that she denies that al Qaeda network have inserted nuclear weapons to

America ..Then all he knows that in the Russian republics nuclear weapons

A many have disappeared and she is an expression about bags and have watched some of her pictures

* do she can that she denies that there cooperating with the rule are Americans

Muslims they work in nuclear sensitive places or arsenals

* do can to denies to is there experts belonging to the rule they make

In the computer systems they carry out the sabotage of the systems in the atomic reactors

Also he declared al Qaeda network by that he responsible about the stop of the electricity in America

And London

And there many probabilities we fail in her restriction here

And an acceptance my greetings

Yesterday 23 : 09


And with the same logic I answer you a brother is a dinar,

Then America has atomic bombs by hundreds and these are a matter not doubtful in him and certain and the atomic bombs at the Al-Qaeda a hypothetical .The destructive Alqdratha of the American bombs she is not compared with the portable Russian atomic bombs by the bags .In the sky of Afghanistan by their aeroplanes that can the Americans tour by each freedom carried the nuclear weapon with severe explosion and the aircraft carriers she tours around Afghanistan and can that she is hit any site wanted after Allah will, with button pressure .And as for the computer systems and the possibility of her sabotage and the misuse by her then a matter a mentioned, and a brother generous there protection systems of the sensitive places on above the levels from the complexity and the difficulty of the penetration . Then there a complete knowledge he knows that by the networks protection science and America universities possesses the better minds in the world in this specialization and possesses the better companies of the electronic safety in the world .

With simplicity, then you are the generous a brother Hoolt from the abilities of the rule and reduced the abilities of America in an exaggerated way him very,

And no doubt at me that you did that as a matter of the love and the care and the hope but what so O Saad exports the camels .

Changing the facts do not change her but makes her confrontation impossible and makes the loss an inevitable matter .

And who a Llk said that the rule and America will join in a war until says have

America is bombs and an except .......Then we put suppositions then if she was possible

And she is possible she will grind America ...America Flatghrnk then a hit as a hit

September or stronger America will collapse because America is economy country and you

I saw how some of the company collapsed, and other companies dismissed thousands from

Her employees because of the hits of September, and how much was the loss of the American economy

Because of the disconnection of the electricity about New York period three hours

Then a brother is that the weakest houses are the spiderweb in spite of his accuracy and the present art in him


The reaction signs he what delays al Qaeda network from the execution of the expected hit God willing and the one that God willing a destroyer will be will paralysing the Americans corners where they become as the paralytic man who do not can that he does a thing !!


What is in him a distant thing on an Alalog ...........?

The genie a graduation at any time becomes possible ...........?


Subject: This is the final Urgent letter to the American Administration from Al-Qaida

This is the final Urgent letter to the American Administration fromAl-Qaida

In the name of God the almighty

This will be our final letter and again It is insane avoidingreading the following words with out having a clear, wise and fastdecision.

As soon as possible because time is a critical element in the comingattack and is more important than any time in human history.

We can tell you that the wire has been led up and it's in its finalstages and nothing will stop it but God and the wisdom of the Arabrules and the non Arab rules, we can tell you that we are peoplefrom you and with in you, planning with you and have knowledge ofall your planes.

We warn you that time is running fast so fast that it's gettingharder to turn out the led fire in the wire.

And the out come of the attack will be unbelievable and unexpectedto you.

Upon that any wrong move the administration takes in directing itspolicy will lead you to the (cave of darkness)

And that's the name of the coming operation that will stop the (9)and their people and destroy them forever, although we apologizefrom now to the human race from the hardship that will affect themas an aftermath to the attack, but it is a less hardship for us thanto see continents slaved, we apologize in advance to the Americanpeople and to the European community's but you have stud hand inhand with your governments and left the Jews take control of therest of the world.

The childish playing with earth is not a simple thing, we know thatand we plane things very carefully more careful than you could everimagine and also assessed the deaths expected and their numbers thathumanity can take.

You know that order number (8) has been issued, but you don't knowthat we know, and now we tell you and now you know.

And this order is the last life line and the only chance to dropcold water on the led wire, so let it be that your answer to us befast and with actions from the highest levels in the Americanadministration, and know that we will be all open ears to you and wewill be up to date with your answer once you have decided to takethe right decision from your side.

We know that you didn't go on doing to the world what your doingwith out a long and well study, but we tell you that you don't havemuch time with us and we wont accept any further thinking or moretime, you have started this war not us!

We highly request that the final decision that will come out comesfrom highly respected people in the administration due to the highboiling point that has reached now and the possibility of stoppingthis wheel is still on and is not impossible and you know what wemean.

Upon the following facts mentioned, you know our demands well, butwe will put them down again so that the world will forgive us forwhat will happen soon due to your arrogance and childish acts ofdictatorship and your love of being under the Jewish rule beingslaved under them under all kinds of names.

We here by say, our demands are real and what we ask for is ours,and we wont pull back on the real Christians or Jews, they will findus to be a nation that has believed in God and our religion Islamwhich is the last religion will haven them all under its wings andwill give them more than what they have got from any other religionalthough we don't believe that any other religion beside the threereligions is right.

Our demands,

1. The complete and right away stop of your (masked) invasionof our Islamic lands in any part of the world east or west.

2. Taking out the (illegal immigrants that came back to theland of Palestine) which you have records of all of them in yourarchives.

3. The return of all the Muslim money stolen in (Gold) not inany kind of money note. As we have mentioned to you before.

4. The returning of the old borders known to you and we presson the northern borders.

5. The release of all our prisoners in your jails whom you knowand we know only.

6. The dismantle of the so called (United Nations and itscouncil) in an international decision.

7. We share with you the importance of water and oil and weshare the idea of it staying as it is but the pricing of oil is leftto us and we promise you to make it available at a reasonable pricefor poor and for rich nations.

8. we here by advise you to take fast decisions to stop ordernumber (8), it's the thin line between us and you, and you have toanswer us as soon as possible, as we told you before the glass ofcold water is with in your hands and the wire is in front of you inits final stage to destroying what you have built for years insecret but God has made us be your stopping mountain that appearedupon you, the daylight nightmare that will stand against you, and weknow that the smartest in you wont be able to discover how to dropthe glass of cold water on our wire with out our help, but you willbe forced even if you don't want to. We have given you the solution,so either you are with us or against us, that's your way of thinkingisn't it!

But we know that you are not with us but you will beforced to be (and we have warned). It is not in our morals to attackyou with such a big attack with out a warning, we wont do what youdid to us times and times before under the rule of the devilish treethat was planted by (whom you know) feeding it and giving it waterwith your blessings as you enslaved your self's and your peopleunder their rule.

All you have to do now is to stand up for once a real stand for yourown good and the good of your nation and people that will beattacked by total destruction (cave of darkness), and history willre-write that your punishment was a combined punishment of all thenations that came before you and walked your same path. And you willthen cry like women in your underground caves.

And it will be fair enough for you to see that for us knowing thatyou will run away hiding in your underground caves, we will give youa prior few minutes notice before our blessed attack so that youwill be able to watch your destruction with your own satellite as wewould be by then have passed the sky's of the seventh sky to heavenand your nation to the fires of hell, and what and end for lettingyou govern them and move them to the direction of hell and what adirection!

Praise to God almighty.

Islamic Jihad Brigade(Black Death Squad)8th Squad (Squad of order 8)


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