Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Heading Towards the Big Boom?

We've covered al Qaida's planned use of WMD's in an earlier set of articles (Countdown 1-5 and summary in the RANTS archives of http://williamwebb.org). Now that the 4th has finished, it is time for American's to become vigilant and aware.

As one of the following articles suggests, there is no doubt we will face an al Qaida strike between now and the end of November. The only questions are where and using what means.

As much as I pray that I am wrong, my research and intelligence indicates the strike will involve a nuclear device.

While many in the CIA, FBI and U.S. government still contend al Qaida hasn't acquired nukes, other intelligence sources indicate they have and articles like the one included below do not paint a very pretty picture.

Bin Laden has already received religious justification to use WMD from his Saudi religious handlers and seems to have contacted some of the Saudi royals to warn them of an upcoming event designed to "influence the balance of power in the world."

This doesn't come from hitting soft targets like shopping malls as some in the Department of Homeland Security warn.

Word-of-mouth promises of nuke use are contained in many Islamist chat rooms like the one included below.

We are entering a grim time that is made more dangerous by this being a political election year. Besides the political carnival, which threatens to mask the real threat behind spin and counter-spin, we are most vulnerable during a potential change in the executive and legislative branches.

The mainstream media doesn't have a clue, although I will predict they will be called into service in a way none of them have ever imagined

We should rally around Jihad Watch and some other larger sites and begin to raise both awareness and people's senses to detect out-of-place happenings around them.

It is time for American's to wake up and become vigilant. What is coming should be no surprise

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