Monday, June 07, 2004

Comparing Bush to Reagan--Bring It On

Bob Dole has written an excellent tribute to former President Ronald Reagan in today's New York Times. He begins with this:

WASHINGTON — When he said goodbye to the country during his last public appearance at the 1992 convention, Ronald Reagan said he wanted to be remembered as someone who "appealed to your greatest hopes, not your worst fears, to your confidence rather than your doubts."

Pundits are already weighing in on whether Mr. Reagan's passing and our sentimental remembrances of him and his policies will help George W. Bush's re-election chances. I will let Ronald Reagan's words speak for themselves (and, unlike George Bush, these words may even be those of Mr. Reagan himself). Unlike the Great Communicator, George W. Bush, (aided and abetted by Richard B. Cheney and a host of likeminded heavies in the White House and the Pentagon), has sold the American public nothing but fear and has done its utmost to undermine confidence in every aspect of American life.

I urge Karl Rove to make his puppet compare himself to Ronald Wilson Reagan. The comparison will only help John Kerry take the White House. Comparing the stumbling, bumbling George W. Bush during his embarassing scripted speeches and his (even worse) extemporaneous remarks to the leadership and charisma of Reagan may actually wake up some of the real conservatives and Eisenhower Republicans who take Mr. Reagan's eleventh commandment a little too seriously. Before it's too late, take a good look at Bush, remember Reagan, and just this once, have the courage and conviction to speak ill of another Republican.
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