Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Summer of Vigilance

Robert Spencer wrote an important editorial for the Washington Times last week that we have reprinted in the articles section of williamwebb.org. He joins a growing number of concerned citizens who warn of near-term attacks within the United States.

While I think nothing short of a miraculous effort by our outstanding men and women at FBI or Department of Homeland Security can prevent the upcoming series of attacks—I do not think it is time for fear or hysteria.

Rather, it is time for vigilance from all our citizens—particularly from that elusive and supposedly dominate group of “moderate Muslims” that our politicians and diversity-preaching media and academics assure us represent the real face of Islam.

It is time for people of all religions, political persuasions and heritages to become vigilant and observant. The next series of mass murders by the Islamists will respect neither Muslim, Christian nor Jew, nor Republican, Democrat nor Independent.

Right now, there are Islamist terror cells operating within the United States. And just like the 9/11 hijackers, the majority of the terrorists making up these cells are not on the various terrorist watch lists. So it is up to ordinary citizens to be alert for suspicious behaviors and to alert proper authorities. The terrorists in these cells are not Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, Catholics, Hindus, Moonies or Agnostics. They are as the Al-Qaida manual says, “The member of the Organization must be Moslem. How can an unbeliever, someone from a revealed religion (Christian, Jew), a secular person, a communist, etc, protect Islam and Moslems and defend their goals and secrets when he does not believe in that religion [Islam]?"

It is time for the moderate Moslems to step up to the plate and maintain vigilance with us infidels as we go into a very dangerous summer.

Now I know the civil libertarians on both sides of the political spectrum gnash their teeth over any suggestion of “spying” on fellow citizens and if we weren’t involved in a worldwide religious insurgency I would wholeheartedly agree with those on both the right and left.

But it is my contention that we are involved in a religious war that is ultimately going to result in the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans unless we wake up very soon. Many of these well-meaning libertarians will have the blood of these thousands on their hands.

These libertarians don’t want the government creating databases like TIA or the Matrix to conduct homeland intelligence gathering. They don’t want the Patriot Act extended. They don’t want an MI-5-type organization created to focus only on homeland intelligence and counter-terrorism. They don’t want to profile the only group of people who have declared war on us and openly calls for our destruction. They don’t want to allow the FBI or DHS to do surveillance of known radical mosques. They don’t want to have any semblance of a sane immigration policy. They don’t want foreign students tracked. They don’t want to treat combatants like war criminals but rather like common criminals.

What methods are left other than blind chance or a vigilant citizenry?

Bin Laden has said that Americans never understand “until they are hit in the head.”

Those who have seen the classified information are now beginning to understand the true danger behind bin Laden and the growing Islamist legions.

Does he have a nuke? The evidence strongly suggests he does. This is the nightmare scenario. Unfortunately, many Americans, including many politicians and media elites can’t comprehend that radical Islamists have already received religious justification from radical Islamic religious leaders to use WMDs against us.

Will it take a massive “strike against the head” with hundreds of thousands killed and the severe economic consequences to follow to get our politicians to finally get it?

But just as bad would be a strike against a nuclear reactor (which was the original plan for 9/11), a large chemical plant, refinery, or a strike involving a combination of three. You can read in many major metropolitan newspapers during the immediate post 9/11-era the predicted death toll for any one of these strikes.

We are entering a very dangerous time here in the United States. With all the victories in the war on terror, and all the hard work of dedicated FBI, DHS and police officers across the country, we still are very vulnerable.

Many of these vulnerabilities remain because of the sheer impossibility of making an enormous country like the United States 100 percent safe.

But many of the vulnerabilities remain because libertarians and politicians on both the right and left put civil liberties and votes ahead of homeland security and effective counter-intelligence. Hopefully, we won’t have to lose a 100,000 people to learn we tilted the balance too much in favor of terrorists.

It is the summer for all citizens to be vigilant.

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