Monday, May 17, 2004

Nutwatch 2004--Mass Delusion on The Left/Blame it all on the CIA on the Berg Beheading

Nutwatch 2004 is howling and screeching like a double tornado across the Oklahoma plains. Here, at, and we have the two stories I’ve warned you were coming.

Two, truly hideous and offensively insane schizophrenic ramblings that should trouble all who worry about the possibility of civilization sinking into the depths of another Dark Age.

I warned you it would just be a matter of time. Here are two stories that I can’t decide are truly insane because they are so colossally pathetic; or truly pathetic because they are so colossally insane.

One writer, James Conachy suggests “American Agencies” somehow had a hand in the beheading of Nick Berg. Yes folks, the American government killed Berg to deflect attention from the nude Iraqi pictures that has become the mainstream press fetish of the past two weeks. Sort of a “wag the dog,” with sharp knives.

But then, the clincher, the story only a bull-fruit lunatic in the deep throes of psychotic delusion would ever sign their name to—one that Michel Chossudovsky proudly penned his name to and actually published.

Listen to how the truly delusional write: “When people across the US find out that Al Qaeda is not linked to Saddam but is in fact a creation of the CIA and that the terrorist warnings are fabricated, the legitimacy of the Bush Administration will tumble like a deck of cards. The perceived enemy will no longer be Saddam, it will be Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, et al.”

Al Qaida is a creation of the CIA.

Sweet grunting, sweating mother of Buddha!

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine …”

What is it that propels the far-out left to madness? You can only hope bin Laden or Al-Zarqawi read this insane gibberish, get angry, and hunt these two down for cheapening their cause.

Listen you two nitwits, more than one countries’ intelligence service listed Zarqawi in-charge of Al Qaida’s middle eastern and European strikes and Ramadan Abdullah Ramadan as being charged with hitting the United States the next time.

I know it’s hard James and Michael, particularly when you only sporadically take your medicine—but try to write this on your forearms or something—all of these Islamists are fighting a religious war against the infidels. They don’t need western intelligence help.

So go take a look the ramblings. Like most schizophrenic delusions, there’s no sane evidence presented. Just a bunch of disconnected gibberish. Somehow, Nick Berg’s father is quoted as tying it all back to the Patriot Act—which if a true quote—we’ll overlook due to his terrible loss.

Until the James and Michael, welcome to the Nutwatch 2004 hall of fame.
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