Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Killing Arafat

I had thought that it would be best to just put Arafat out of our misery, many times. But, I have come to realize that Sharon has done an incredible service for history. INSTEAD of killing the rabid dog - and making him into the martyr of his aspirations - Arafat is penned up like the wild beast he is - and always was. He's dying a slow death, on the world scene. His European fans stand idly by and watch as everything they encouraged with him, is revealed to have been a ruse. All their money has proven to have been diverted from peaceful goals to weapons of destruction. Their prestige is worth - to use an Arabic saying - sifr min shimal (zeros from the left. Means that it makes no difference how many zeros you add to a number, on its left - it's worth nothing.).

Sharon has exposed Oslo to have been a a calculated deception to fill the Palestinian Territories with soldiers & arms. The missiles Israel saw coming into Gaza last week, which prompted this major offensive...the Palestinians were obligated in the treaty to...not even possess!!!! He has shown Arafat to be nothing more than a tin-pot dictator whose proclamations for a secular democratic Palestinian state were proven to have been hogwash - as he crippled every vestige of democracy & accountability; and then made Islam the state religion. He PROMISED Elias Freij (now deceased mayor of Bethlehem) precisely that he would never do that, as he "cherishes" the Christian community. Yea...that's why ~33% of the Christian community have fled his rule in the last 10 years!!!!

Arafat will die the death of a prisoner in jail. His body will be brought out on a stretcher. They will try to make his funeral into some glorious watershed moment. He will be buried in some huge contrived state ceremony. And fade from memory.

Better than some poeple's proposed pig's blood-soaked bullet. Believe me. He knows this - and it is driving him crazy. For that alone, I'd buy Sharon a beer.

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