Thursday, May 06, 2004

Join the Caravan--Reasons to wage Jihad

For all the politically-correct apologists out there, here's Iman Abdulah Azzams preface for a much larger article that can be found at



Praise be to Allah Whom we praise, and from Whom we seek help and forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil of our selves and from our bad deeds. Whomever Allah guides none can lead astray, and whomever He leaves to stray, none can guide him aright. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah alone, Who has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger. Oh Allah! There is nothing easy except that which You make easy, and you make difficult things easy when You will.

Anybody who looks into the state of the Muslims today will find that their greatest misfortune is their abandonment of Jihad (due to love of this world and abhorrence of death). Because of that, the tyrants have gained dominance over the Muslims in every aspect and in every land. The reason for this is that the Disbelievers only stand in awe of fighting.

"So fight in the Path of Allah- you will be held accountable only for yourself- and arouse the believers.

Surely, Allah will subdue the might of the Disbelievers, and Allah is mightier in power and severer in exemplary punishment."

We then are calling upon the Muslims and urging them to proceed to fight, for many reasons, at the head of which are the following:

1. In order that the Disbelievers do not dominate.

2. Due to the scarcity of men.

3. Fear of Hell-fire.

4. Fulfilling the duty of Jihad, and responding to the call of the Lord.

5. Following in the footsteps of the Pious Predecessors.

6. Establishing a solid foundation as a base for Islam.

7. Protecting those who are oppressed in the land.

8. Hoping for martyrdom.

9. A shield for the Ummah, and a means for lifting disgrace off them

10. Protecting the dignity of the Ummah, and repelling the conspiracy of its enemies

11. Preservation of the earth, and protection from corruption

12. Security of Islamic places of worship

13. Protection of the Ummah from punishment, disfiguration and displacement

14. Prosperity of the Ummah, and surplus of its resources

15. Jihad is the highest peak of Islam.

16. Jihad is the most excellent form of worship, and by means of it the Muslim can reach the highest of ranks.


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