Thursday, April 15, 2004

Why Do They Hate Us?

Terrorism (Al-Irhaab) the fashion of the 21st Century

William's note: Here's an article for all those supposedly non-partisan members of the 9/11 commission and all the brain-dead politicians in Washington that can't seem to comprehend that we are facing a religious war.

The article is from Al Muhajiroun a London-based site that is part of the growing Islamist legions. The writer uses the Koran to legitimize terrorism and includes WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION as legitimate. I bring up the weapons of mass destruction issue again--because there are very disturbing articles already published in the non-classified arena that suggest the Islamists plan to launch a WMD strike against the infidels (that's you and me) sooner than many analysts can comprehend.

Both bin-Laden and Ayman Zawahiri have suggested they have already acquired a nuclear device. In July 2003, radical Saudi Sheik Nasser bin Hamd al-Fahad issued a fatwa, or religious edict, granting legal religious authority to the use of weapons of mass destruction against both the United States and Great Britain and their civilian populations.

I would suggest that religiously-motivated hatred plus a nuclear device equals grieving family members and another round of commissions--although there is a good chance the next commission may have to convene somewhere other than Washington.

When they finally do succeed in launching a WMD attack against a U.S. city, there is no politician or intelligence analysts who can read that will be able to say we weren't warned it was coming.

Allaah (swt) says in the Qur’aan: “We shall strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve (kuffaar – Jews, Christians, Mushriks, apostates etc.), because they joined others in worship with Allaah.” (EMQ Aali-‘Imraan, 3: 151)

In this verse, Allaah (swt) clearly informs us that he will terrorise and strike terror into the hearts of the disbelievers i.e. the non-Muslims, due to the shirk they commit – associating partners with him. A form of shirk (associating rivals with Allaah) is to vote for man-made law, legislate kufr (non-Islamic) constitutions, saying that Allaah has a son, arbitrating to the United Nations etc. Therefore, it is inevitable for the non-Muslims to live in fear and tremor, as they associate with Allaah false gods that cannot benefit them or prevent harm from reaching them. They worship their desires, the law of the land, idols, priests, rabbis etc. And due to this great crime, Allaah (swt) vows to terrorise them.

Furthermore, Allaah (swt) says in the Qur’aan: “Prepare against them (disbelievers) all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery, weapons of mass destruction etc.) to terrorise the enemy of Allaah and your enemy.” (EMQ Al-Anfaal, 8: 60)

In this verse, Allaah orders the believers to terrorise (turhiboun) the enemies of Allaah and our enemies, by preparing as much artillery, power and weapons as possible. In this verse, Allaah is directly ordering us to use terrorism against the aggressors and enemies of Allaah, all praises are for him.

The acts of violence by the Mujaahideen against the enemies of Allaah in places such as New York, Washington, Bali, Turkey, Riyaad and Madrid are indeed acts of Terrorism (Al-Irhaab), and those who carry out such violence are definitely terrorists. Likewise, the acts of violence committed by the US, UK and coalition forces in areas such as Afghanistan, Filisteen (Palestine), Sheeshan (Chechnya), ‘Iraaq, Kashmir etc… are indeed acts of terrorism against women, children and the elderly. On both sides acts of terrorism are being used to propagate and inject their ideology across the world; so who are the criminals?

There are two types of terrorism, one that is praised by almighty Allaah (swt) and one that is dispraised and worthy of severe punishment in this life and the hereafter. Violence is also of two, one that is pro-life and one that is against life. Violence against aggressors, oppressors and tyrants is pro-life, whereas violence initiated (such as that by the US & UK in Afghanistan and in Iraq) against young women, children and the elderly is against life.

The form of terrorism used by the US, UK and its alliance is indeed aggression, crime, corruption and tyranny – worthy of severe punishment and disgrace by almighty Allaah, due to it being directed at people who have sanctity for their lives, wealth and property (i.e. Muslims). Whereas the terrorism used by the Mujaahideen is the praised, exalted and blessed form of terrorism due to it being against people who have no sanctity for their lives, who support aggressors and tyrants and spread corruption and evil on the earth. Furthermore, it is in response to the command of Allaah, who orders the believers to terrorise His (swt)’s enemies.

However, these acts of violence by the Mujaahideen are carried out against people who support, worship and obey Taaghout. It is also against people who they have no covenant of security with. Islaam condemns betrayal i.e. to live among people with whom you have a covenant of security and then to kill them and take their wealth. For those who have a covenant of security, such as those who have citizenship or an agreement with the regime they live under in countries such as the US, UK, Spain, Italy etc…(as opposed to living under the apostate rulers in Muslim countries) it is completely prohibited to carry out any acts of violence against those whom they have a covenant with, and is in fact a great sin and considered to be betrayal in Islaam.

The definition of terrorism according to the kuffaar is irrelevant and insignificant for Muslims. This is because we only refer to Islaam as a marji’ i.e. a reference point and furqaan (criteria). In any case their definition of terrorism is also applicable to themselves as they systematically use acts of violence against ‘innocent’ people to further their own selfish political aims.

Muslims should not be afraid of being called terrorists, fundamentalists or extremists. Firstly, because it is just part of the disbeliever’s propaganda against Islaam and Muslims, which was also used against the messenger Muhammad (saw) and his companions; who were labelled as terrorists, extremists, magicians, liars and sorcerers! Secondly, because it is true; we are terrorists as Allaah commands us to use terrorism. We are also fundamentalists, as we refer to the very fundamentals of Islaam, such as Tawheed and extremists, since we are extremely against pornography, alcohol, night-clubs, oppression, tyranny, corruption and crime etc…i.e. man made law.

The Muslims should be aware that the disbelievers will always play a war of terminology in order to silence the believers and make us appear to be the aggressors. However, this will never effect the Muwahhideen (those who love Allaah more than anyone else and associate none with him) as they are aware that we are in a war between Islaam and kufr and the truth will always be among the minority. Allaah (swt) says: “And if you obey most of those on earth, they will mislead you far away from Allaah's Path. They follow nothing but conjecture, and they do nothing but lie.” (EMQ Al-An’aam, 6: 116)

Their love and fear of Allaah prohibits them from fearing the kuffaar and their propaganda. They become firm in the time of crisis and difficulties, always asking Allaah for support and victory (not the UN or local MP’s). They know the Lord they worship (his names and attributes) and understand the true meaning of Laa ilaha illallah – to give up ones desires, false gods, customs, traditions etc. and then to believe in Allaah exclusively.

The messenger Muhammad (saw) said: “Islaam came as something strange, and it will return as something strange. Paradise is for the strangers. He (saw) was asked: ‘Oh Rasoulullaah! Who are the Ghurabaa’ (strangers)? He replied: Those who withdraw themselves from their people (tribes, customs, traditions etc.)”

Therefore, in this time of crisis, it is vital to be with the minority and those who are looked at as strangers. May Allaah return to us the Khilaafah (Islamic state) sooner then later and give us the correct understanding of Tawheed, his names and attributes.

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