Friday, April 09, 2004

For the 9/11 Survivor Families There Is An Answer: The Global Jihad

The Washington Post has a very good article today written by David Montgomery with the headline: For the 9/11 Families, A Day Without Answers. The story, can be read at

I would contend that the headline should have been written differently--there is an answer for the 9/11 families and that the answer was actually stated in the story, buried towards the end:

"A few feet away, Debra Burlingame saw it differently. Her brother Charles F. Burlingame III was the pilot of the plane that was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon. On her lapel was pinned his picture and the same heart pin worn by the widow of passenger Dillard.

"The fact is, it wasn't our government who killed my brother and 3,000 people," she said. It was 19 hijackers and their sponsors. . . . We have new enemies we face. Those are the guys I want to get in the name of my brother." Her eyes began to tear up.

Burlingame changed her attitude about the responsibility of the government for Sept. 11 -- but well before Rice's testimony. Burlingame was one of those who protested Bush's reluctance to appoint the Sept. 11 commission in the first place. She joined a vigil outside the White House, carrying a big sign that said, "My Brother's Murderers Were Listed in the San Diego Phone Book" -- as one of the hijackers was.

Then she read the thick report of the congressional inquiry into the attacks, and she began to believe that preventing them was a complicated business. The government did the best it could, given pre-Sept. 11 assumptions, she now believes.

Burlingame thought Rice performed well. "She explained . . . it was a structural problem that it took September 11 to [shock people to] solve."

She wasn't looking for an apology either: "I felt that Dick Clarke's apology was theatrical and false. Nevertheless, it brought tears to my eyes. The fact that it brought tears to my eyes made me even more contemptuous of him.""

Debra Burlingame gets it. It's a shame most American's still do not.

It was 19 Islamists that killed more than 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11. Nineteen Islamists and the support infrastructure made up of wealthy Muslims and states such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan. A support group that includes Islamists operating within the United States.

There is nothing for either Condoleezza Rice, former President Clinton or any of the other witnesses paraded before this supposedly "non-partisan" commission to apologize for to the American people.

We, the voters are as guilty as any of the politicians because we still refuse to admit we are in a war and require our government to make sane policies to protect our homeland.

Political spectacle trumps meaningful debate.

This 9/11 commission is nothing more than a political spectacle and is not adding one layer of safety or homeland security.

We are headed for another, more deadly attack, with more commissions full of partisan, grandstanding from whatever party happens to be out of power.

Yes, it is going to happen again, a massive series of terrorist assaults, almost assuredly this year, because the pundits and politicians, and most importantly the American people still do not get it.

Islamists have declared war on America, democracy and the west and until we are ready to truly practice homeland security in a meaningful way there will continue to be a trail of survivors looking for answers.

The structural problems have not been solved. Our domestic intelligence is still insufficient due to the structural and cultural problems associated with a democracy.

Special interest groups such as the ACLU help kill TIA and continue to fight the MATRIX that would aid domestic intelligence. Politicians such as Ted Kennedy, the butcher of Chappaquiddick, and democratic nominee John Kerry rail against the Patriot act--that attempts to beef-up domestic intelligence.

Hispanic groups, and coalitions of vote whores on both sides of the aisle refuse to allow us to gain control of our borders. While I would not begin to contend that the majority of Mexican illegals are terrorists, it is ludicrous for a nation not to control immigration and access.

As Debra Burlingame said, preventing terrorism is complicated.

We have no hope of preventing the next line of grieving relatives until we wake up as voters.

How many Americans will have to die before we start dealing with domestic intelligence? Getting control of our borders? Monitoring radical mosques within America that confuse religious freedom with religious license? Profiling the people who are committing these acts?

How many more grieving survivors will be asking questions before we force the politicians to act?

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