Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Zawahiri is for John Kerry as Well!

I don’t want to tell you I told you so about Camelot’s last hope, John Kerry and his almost genetic need to indulge in the liberal internationalist catechism of practicing: passivity, acquiescence and almost reflexive anti-interventionism. (with thanks to one of the true intellectual heavyweights Charles Krauthammer for laying it out for the audience during his talk at AEI last month) Not to mention his infantile need to get Europe’s and Kofi’s blessing for anything the United States does.

The new JFK stooped to the absolute lowest I have ever witnessed from anybody running for president yesterday by announcing that that several European leaders had voiced hopes that he was elected rather than President Bush.

Ordinarily, somebody who suggests that foreign leaders should get involved with American political elections should probably be whipped on the mall in front of the reflecting pool and sent to prison in Syria with a six-pack of Corona and picture of Michael Jackson sleeping with his chimps.

But, since Kerry’s now protected by the secret service, I guess suggesting he receive a beating is out-of-the-question but I heard Ayman Al-Zawahiri agrees with some of these European leaders that “crazy Texan needs to be replaced by our friend John Kerry who will return America to the glory days of Jimmy Carter.”

I had a hard time running Ayman down to verify the quote—after returning from Iran he and bin Laden have been on the run in eastern Pakistan. Suddenly Pakistan’s President has received an epiphany—or whatever the Islamic equivalent to that experience might be.

General Pervez Musharraf and the wild group of Deobandi’s that make up Pakistan’s military have up-to-last-month only paid lip service to trying to catch bin-Laden while actually tipping him off through Afghan channels during the siege of Tora Bora and refusing to allow American special forces to operate unimpeded along the border.

Ooops! State Department Foul!

This all changed after several car bombs came uncomfortably close to the general last month. Musharraf came to realize that Sheik Osama is nuttier than Jessica Lange on a glue binge and while it’s OK for ordinary fanatics to martyr themselves, nothing in the Koran suggests the President of Pakistan should take one for the team.

Another contributing factor was the beginning of the grim unraveling of the nuclear proliferation program of General Abdul Qadeer Khan, who basically said, “America is the enemy of all muslims and the greatest threat to muslims in the entire world.”

When Khan’s crimes finally come to light, and hopefully that won’t be a very blinding light in New York, Washington or Los Angeles, you may find that he has done more to promote mass murder than the mad Sheik could ever begin to contemplate.

So here is the crux of what Ayman relayed to me through Pakistani friends in Bethesda: George Bush is a crackpot who actually drove us from our sanctuary in Afghanistan. You need to vote for John Kerry so we can open up a dialogue and you can see the error of your way and convert to Islam and save yourself from judgment.

Ayman and a few European leaders can’t be wrong—can they?

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