Monday, March 15, 2004

Politics is a Contact Sport

Eight More Months of Whine

The big guns started booming this past week—and the new JFK doesn’t like the noise. The “definition phase,” has begun and the senator finds himself in a defensive posture eight months away from his fateful Tuesday.

As I predicted in an earlier rant (see Kerry and the Chimpanzees), the awful screeching and bawling from the Kerry campaign has started and their strategy remains to deny everything that has transpired in his life since leaving Vietnam and to whine about the republican “attack machine.”

You can look forward to eight more months of whining from the new JFK, and his buddy, the butcher of Chappaquiddick. It was fun during the primary when the democrat’s cheap lies and slanders were sucked up by the news organizations like a flock of seagulls into a jet intake and every sound bite had wooden John mumbling: Bring It On.

But that is all changed now and the new JFK’s proposed policies are being picked apart by even hopelessly left-leaning papers like the New York Times or Washington Post.

John, the biggest problem for you is that your life didn’t end as a hero in Vietnam. You have a long, easily googled record that you will get tired of defending in the next eight months. Your extremely liberal voting record. Your post-Vietnam anti-war activities. Your anti-military, anti-intelligence votes and positions. Your desire to bring us another entitlement program with your very socialistic and very expensive health care program. Your promise to repeal the Bush tax cuts. Your desire to stop the war on terror.

Politics is a contact sport
And now you will learn something any fifth grader in Texas knows: Politics is a contact sport. Now you’re on the field with the big boys and girls and so far, you sound more like Jimmy Carter than James Carville. More like Terrell Owens than Ray Lewis.

It isn’t as much fun as you though it was going to be, n’est pas?

You must be encouraged by the election results from Spain—by all exit poll accounts al Qaida managed to terrorize an entire country and influence an election. These are your friends John, the ones who buckle under to nutty Islamists who have seen Spain as a Muslim country and act as if the liberation of Andalusia (as they still call it) happened yesterday.

You and your European friends will enjoy the inevitable attacks in France, Great Britain and here in the United States this year. Predictable Kerry campaign response—it was the war in Iraq.

Wrong again. Al Qaida’s purported communiqué (which is still suspect, although most are sure they did the Madrid bombings) actually pointed out us kicking their happy group out of Afghanistan.

Let me help you John—whether you like it or not we are in a war with terrorists who have declared war on us and plan to either destroy us or force us to convert to Islam. You and your liberal elite buddies might not comprehend this—but President Bush does.

Unfortunately, we are going to be reminded of this fact very soon as the people of Spain were last week.

And when that happens, the new JFK’s chances of moving into the White House will end.

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