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A Letter To Bin Laden

Here's an interesting post from the English Al-Hayat .... the sentiments expressed are not of a "minority" as many democrats and apologists for the Islamists would suggest .... keep this in mind as John "let me bend to the will of Kofi," Kerry continues his plan to mollify terrorists and their supporters

A Letter To Osama Bin Laden
Yasser Al Zaatera Al-Hayat 2004/03/7

To the Mujahid brother Osama bin Laden: I address you with these words based on the ties that bind us, since we both are defenders of Allah's religion and the Umma's identity, based also on the principle of advice that the Prophet informed us that it is amongst the traits of the Muslim imams and public. I also write these words in an attempt to clarify what I perceive to be the Umma's feelings towards you and its concern for you and the soundness of your judgement.

I write these words in hope that they would reach you while you are safe and in good health, especially after the news that the American forces have been able to surround you with the help of their Pakistani counterpart. I write to you as well after things got out of hand and when every disaster in the universe is attributed to you or to your followers, while you remain silent. Some explain this silence as support especially after sending signals on certain actions that no mind or doctrine can accept.

Perhaps you are more knowledgeable than me in Islamic doctrinal matters, but I am a man whose job is to read and write, and Islamic issues and what are connected to them from matters of reality to theoretical sciences are in the core of my interests ever since a quarter of a century, that is why I claim to have enough knowledge and ability to write these words. I would have wished there were more open and direct means of communication between us, in accordance with the propriety of advice.

I write to you my dear brother, after your name and that of Al Qaeda have been condemned and blamed for many catastrophes and acts that do not benefit Islam or Muslims but greatly harm them. Was it not for my faith that your mission was indeed in defense of Allah's religion and the Umma's identity, liberation and resurgence, and not for any material or worldly gains, I would not have written to you.

Let us agree, my dear brother, that the Umma's religion's eminence, resurgence and confrontation of its enemies is the aim, so do you consider that mobilizing the whole world against it is reasonable and rational, even though setting priorities was a big part of the Prophet's teachings.

The United States in not just our enemy alone for its rightist hegemonic policies are a burden on the whole world which is demanding its leaders of another way of administering the universe based on multi-polarity. This would allow us, along with other victimized nations, to rise up and preserve our identity and interests.

You know, my mujahid brother, that abiding by the principles of Islam while refraining from what is forbidden, is measured by its outcome of avoiding evil and having benefits, and not by whether an act is allowed or not. In fact, wherever there is good for our Umma there would be Allah's doctrine, as Imam Ibn Al Qayem, God have mercy on his soul, said.

Opening endless battlefronts simultaneously cannot be but harmful to Islam and Muslims, so what if the means used are questionable, like when targeting people in an Arab or Islamic country or civilians in other places.

We have heard you defend the youth that perpetrated the operations in Riyadh, some of what you said is true that they are believers in Islam, yet you did not say that what they did is wrong, and not just because there were Muslims in the targeted areas, but also because these operations do not serve your struggle and the Umma's struggle with its American enemy who clearly benefits from these acts by more blackmail of the Umma's rulers. The result is harmful more than beneficial.

Now I have reached the motive behind writing this letter which is what took place and is taking place in Iraq, particularly the operations in Karbala and Al Qazimiah and before them a large number of operations against Iraqi institutions and civil police centers, of which you, or your supporters, were accused of.

I say first that I am not convinced that what happened was perpetrated by people from your side because the situation preceding the events indicates otherwise, and the main beneficiary from them is the occupation. There is a possibility that a certain group that walks along your path from afar might have been responsible but that does not stop me from requesting of you to bring this farce and the stream of accusations to a halt by declaring your innocence of the operations that target Iraqi civilians, in addition to the police who intend to serve people and provide them with security.

I will not discuss with you whether such acts are allowed or not according to the Islamic doctrine, though I know that killing Muslim civilians cannot be justified, and I think you would agree with me, but I will discuss with you from the perspective of harm and benefit.

You have fought the occupation's soldiers in Somalia, and you have prided yourself and still do with that. Furthermore, you recognize that if one million Somalis were killed the United States' troops would not have left, but a few Americans killed are enough to make them decide to leave.

In Iraq there are more than a hundred thousand American soldiers being fought by Mujahideen there, and you know how secret the resistance operations are kept, and that all the concessions that the occupation offered the Iraqis and the international community are a cause of these operations.

I know that your movement's presence in Iraq is an exaggerated story, and that the resistance is perpetrated by Iraqi hands, including the rejected acts, but once again I wish that you would take a position that would put an end to a catastrophe that was attributed to you and your followers, such a stance would contribute to ending it especially if its executors are Islamists who consider you an idol.

The other issue is the document of "Zarkawi" which you must have heard of and its content, though it originally was on its way to you, according to the American claims.

A Sunni-Shiite clash, my righteous brother, is the best recipe to save the occupation. I remind you that Martin Indyk said that openly when he considered that a policy of division between the Iraqis is a guarantee to their rule.

The best thing you could do in the benefit of the Umma and against the United States is incitement against its occupation of Iraq, and calling upon the Iraqis to preserve their unity and focus their efforts on chasing the occupiers because that is the only guarantee to foil the project of hegemony on the region and changing the Umma's identity and targeting its religion.

The success of the American project to strike the Umma is dependent on Iraq, and there is no solution but to foil the project, which will only fail if the Iraqis unite on the goal of expelling the occupier. If the game of frightening and attributing the crimes committed against Iraqi civilians to you, then this would not take place and the occupation would remain with the consent of a big part of Iraqis.

Your Mujahideen brothers in Palestine from Hamas and Al Jihad are a wonderful example of clarity of vision and the purity of the rifle, and the Umma's mobilization around them have made the struggle in Palestine a title of the struggle with the Zionists and the United States. The Iraqi battle has formed a new title that we have to deal with using the same logic, especially that the chance of victory in Iraq seems more accessible, and perhaps it would be an introduction to victory in Palestine.

It remains for me to tell you that most of the feelings of the Umma's sons, that are inclined to you, do not agree on all that is attributed to you, but it is a cause of the feeling of resentment to American despotic policies. It is about time to declare a clear stance in your battle because the Umma's battle with its enemy is not just Al Qaeda's but a comprehensive battle in which everyone should take his role for it to be victorious.

We would not await a clear letter addressed to the Umma from you, through which you would confirm the slogans of your position and put an end to the American game of attributing all what distorts its image, unity and struggle with its enemy to you. May peace be upon you.

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