Friday, March 19, 2004

Invasion--One Vote At A Time

Politicians, both democrat and republican, are allowing a foreign invasion to continue unabated.

None of the vote whores on either side of the aisle seem willing to tackle the flood of illegal immigration that has already made African Americans lose their place as the largest minority and will cause white Americans to lose their place as the majority by 2050 according to data released this week.

Whether it is insane because it is so pathetic, or pathetic because it is so insane--we are watching politicians and educators and journalists continue to allow us to be illegally invaded and told there is nothing we can do against the onslaught.

We are a nation of idiots led by fools who cower before special interests who are sponsoring this invasion vote-by-vote. It doesn't matter who is in power, they will continue to bend for every last vote.

And the media and academia will sit by and give you thousands of reasons why this is inevitable, good and the playing out of globalization of our society and culture.

Don't get me wrong, controlled immigration is a good thing and our society is enriched by people immigrating here. I'm sure you have as many friends who came from other countries as i do.

But we are one of the few countries in the world who seem to think having a couple of million illegal immigrants a year showing up here and putting a drain on our services-- and having politicians and pressure groups lie about the cost both now and in the future of these illegals is somehow a good and justifiable thing.

After this election, it is time to hold politicians accountable for their support of insurgency by illegal immigration

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