Sunday, March 07, 2004

The Butcher of Chappaquiddick--The Democrat's New Saint Of Accountability

The Butcher of Chappaquiddick—aka—Senator Teddy Kennedy—aka—John Kerry’s good friend has taken the point for the liberal democratic elite and is demanding accountability from either President Bush or CIA Director George Tenet on the justification for the Iraq war.
Appearing on Wolf Blitzer on Friday, the old wart hog—I mean, “war horse,” as Wolf called him, was full of his usual righteous anger at President Bush and other members of the administration for their “devious strategy” in laying out justification for going to war in Iraq.
Although I knew it would never happen, I was waiting for Wolf to ask the question nobody will ever ask Camelot’s last living member: How were you able to escape accountability for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick in July 1969? How can you claim to be anything other than a pathological liar and a coward in your role in her death? Are the people in Massachusetts’s blind to all the Kennedy family crimes?
Of course nobody in the media will ask the butcher of Chappaquiddick these question because he is protected.
What is disturbing to me is other Democrat’s willingness to participate in the same hypocrisy. I have spoken with several of my liberal, democratic friends who rail against President Bush and the administration’s ethics, yet none comment on Kennedy’s hypocrisy.
Of course they can’t comment on it because one of the butcher’s best friend’s is John Kerry. The new JFK--Teddy’s hope of seeing Camelot’s glory one last time.
To begin to ask the questions nobody will ask Teddy puts John Kerry on a slippery moral ground because he’s friends with the butcher. John and Teddy are on the same team. They represent the same ultra-liberal wing of the Democratic Party.
The democrats and John Kerry don’t want that type of hypocrisy discussed.
But if the Democrats are going to allow Teddy to do the new JFK’s dirty work, let’s at least have a dialogue on the Teddy’s character.
After all John Kerry wants us to “bring it on.”
You should write a letter to editor of your paper today and question this on-going hypocrisy from those on the elite left.

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