Monday, February 23, 2004

Why We're Going to Die

Because Americans have the nifty choice this coming November, between the guy with the big hair, who is openly hostile to strong national security measures; and the idiot with the smug smirk, who pretends he's tough on terrorists and keeping us safe, but doesn't do diddly squat when it comes to HOMELAND safety. (He, and his moron advisers, act like Iraq is where the only action is.)
Tom Ridge as head of DHS is the biggest joke and an insult to every American citizen. Remember last year when he announced to the world, and thus to terrorists, that we do not have air marshalls on certain flights? He should have been fired on the spot for that stunning security breach. And that's just one example of a gazillion instances of mind-numbing incompetence and stupidity. Yet our President praises him every chance he gets and tells Americans how much safer we are now. It's a lie. Bush should be impeached for that (not over WMDs, like liberals are saying).
That's not going to happen. So you can vote him out of office -- and replace him with someone even worse.
That means the terrorists are going to win. That's why we're going to die.
Have a peachy day.
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