Sunday, February 29, 2004

Terry Mcauliffe Wants This Election To Be About Issues -- bin Laden was converted after seeing "The Passion."

My rant concerning the liberal elites second-coming-of-JFK, Senator John Kerry and his total lack of understanding of the elements necessary to have any semblance of an effective Homeland Security policy will now have to wait until Tuesday. This is because I just heard DNC Chairman Terry Mcauliffe on FOX news utter the type of election year swill for which if there were true justice in the world, he would have his tounge cut out, then caned like a one-eyed circus monkey and sent to Saudi Arabia and forced to submit to the loving Islam of the Wahhabis.

Or better yet, he could go to Iran and help spread a story of how bin Laden converted to Christianity after seeing" The Passion," and so now President Bush's war on terror is over. It is totally believable, since the other swill this weekend was the Iranian' s assertion that the U.S. captured him sometime ago. But I go astray.

Terry said he wants this election to be about issues.

Are you laughing yet?

So far the only issues we’ve heard coming out of the mouth of any of the democratic candidates can be paraphrased like this: We hate President George Bush, John Ashcroft, Vice President Cheney and any other republican. Don’t you hate them too? Can Michael Moore and Sean Penn be wrong? We’re still angry that you stole the election/beat us in 2000. No matter what the issue, it’s the tax cuts that caused it. We are going to raise your taxes, you filthy rich people. You can’t question John Kerry’s after-war record because of his Vietnam experience. John Kerry’s senate voting record is a mirage. Calling John Kerry a liberal is practicing the politics of hate.

Terry Mcauliffe is like a crack ho’ who will do anything to keep John Kerry from discussing issues.

So let’s help Terry focus on an issue. John Kerry lacks President Bush’s experience in dealing with the war on terror or leading this country in wartime.

John Kerry’s wartime leadership experience consists of heroically commanding a patrol boat in Vietnam.

President George Bush has led the nation through one of the darkest times in our history and had the courage to take some unpopular measures (particularly with liberals like John Kerry and his buddy Senator Ted Kennedy) that have up-to-now prevented another catastrophic attack within America.

Command of a patrol boat or command of a nation—which man do you want at the helm during the next four years?

There are many democrats who have admitted how thankful they were that Al Gore wasn’t president when 9/11 happened. Likewise several democrats admitted publicly what a great job President Bush did in the aftermath. Wonder how many are going to feel that way about the new JFK when his senate record starts pouring out from the TV?

Once again Terry the issue is: There is a big experience gap between commanding a patrol boat and commanding a nation’s military and homeland defense assets.

But of course to say that is to question John Kerry’s patriotism.

Where is that knife and cane?

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