Sunday, February 22, 2004

Kerry and the Liberal Elite's Fetish: A Return to Camelot?

For the un-initiated, fetish, as defined by Webster's is any non-sexual object such as a foot or glove, that abnormally excites sexual feelings. And democratic-hopeful John Kerry's handlers are already tickling the Camelot fetish of downtrodden liberal elites by using what is called in the trade --- reverse black propaganda.

Kerry is denying any connection with Camelot, real or imagined. Yet, behind the curtains campaign operatives are making the connections in hope of mobilizing all those afflicted with this particularly liberal elite fetish. Already articles are popping up in international media discussing everything from Kerry's JFK initials to his dating of Jackie's half-sister. There are pictures of the new JFK boating with the old JFK. Like former President Bill Clinton, Senator Kerry had an almost religious experience from meeting the first JFK.

A casual understanding of what went on with the two deceased members of Camelot, John and Robert Kennedy and you can begun to see how pathetic those afflicted with the Camelot fetish really are. Because, by all accounts, John and Robert were men of action, too busy "collecting butterflies," as they so tastefully call it in Japan. And what a wonderful butterfly collection the two deceased members of Camelot collected.

Make no mistake about it, these Camelot boys were no Clintonian amateurs. There were no over-weight interns with hot cigar tricks nor any woman even remotely guilty of being labeled as trailer trash. The Camelot butterfly list was absolutely stellar. Just a few on the list were: Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Marlene Dietrich, one of mobster Sam Giancana's girlfriends, Inga Artad, Angie Dickinson, Judith Campbell Exner, and a very impressive longer list of wives, ex-wives and girlfriends that should warm the heart of butterfly collectors everywhere.

Now,as an un-apologetic, non-politically correct, anti-metrosexual male I can understand why John Kerry might want to return to the glory days of Camelot. But what I'd like to really understand, and feel free to write us at is: How can any self-respecting woman take any politician seriously who tries to use a return-to-Camelot theme either overtly or in stealth mode?

I'm waiting particularly to hear from women from John Kerry's state of Massachusetts who continually help send John Kerry's good friend and only living member of Camelot, Senator Edward Kennedy to wreak havoc on the body politic. Kennedy is the most evil, morally-bankrupt politician to grace the annals of American politics. He is a cross between Golam and a hideously over-weight hyena. He doesn't have to worry about taxes so is always ready to raise yours and has never seen an immigration bill too liberal to sponsor. Here's a guy who got kicked out of Harvard for cheating, has his own machinations of an Army enlistment, and was present at a rape for which Kennedy justice, yet again, prevailed. However, unlike his deceased Camelot brothers who have only been suspected in Marilyn Monroe's suicide and one other mysterious death, Senator Kennedy was directly responsible for killing one of his butterflys.

If there was justice in the world Ted Kennedy would just now be getting out of prison, with a fancy prison-bitch name like "fudge boy," probably with dentures and certainly not in the bloated physical condition we had to witness during his recent state-of-the-union antics. For those to-young to remember, Camelot's senator was responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddik in July 1969. His reprehensible, cowardly and illegal-anywhere-except-if-you're-a-Kennedy behavior is well documented from multiple sources. Yet, the voters of Massachusetts keep sending Camelot's senator back to serve beside his friend John Kerry.

Maybe it's time to think seriously about a candidate who keeps these type of friends. Or, is the Democrat's hatred of President Bush so strong they have to resort to the fetish of Camelot?

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