Thursday, February 26, 2004

In response to Why We're Going to Die

Urm, coming from across the sea from England, this all makes me a little queasy. 'Why we're going to Die'. Yes, despite being Americans, you are all going to die. One day, eventually, a fact of life. Unavoidable, I'm afraid. You are human, like the rest of us. So, why you are alive, why not live a little, and stop spending the best years of your life losing so much hair stressing about 'what if'? Remember the Cuban Crisis? From this side of the water you do all seem like you are running around trying to invent phrases and slogans and national security alarm systems to protect yourselves from what is nearly impossible to protect yourselves against. Bare facts, if some nutter decides to blow himself up with lots of other people, no matter how evil or horrific, its unstoppable. Its guerilla warfare on home soil, Vietnam on your doormat. As frightening as this new reality must seem, all the cheesy sloganism, red alerts and cool web sites in the world isn't going to help. It might not be very 'American', but less jingoism and more sober pragmatism may be beneficial to the nation. And a little less hair loss may ensue.
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