Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Bin Laden, geniuses at Carnegie Mellon and the ultimate sucker punch

"We have the right to kill four million Americans-two million of them children-and to exile twice as many and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, it is our right to fight them with chemical and biological weapons," wrote Suleiman Abu Gheith, a former Kuwaiti schoolteacher and mosque imam of that peace-loving religion that has become the favorite of liberal democrats everywhere. The quote originally appeared on the now defunct Al Qaida site, Al Neda.com and has since been quoted in several books and articles including the draft of my book that should be out next year.

There are at least two ways you can look at this. One, you can dismiss it as just another harmless example of free speech and religious freedom from any of the millions of hate-filled ravings that populate Islamist web sites and writings worldwide. After-all, nothing has happened within America since 9/11 and it is only white, republican men as a recent group of moronic academics at Carnegie Mellon recently wrote in the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, who are frightened of Islamic terror anyway. (yes, this group of heavyweights took their sample from web-tvs and actually presented this in the journal. Their names are Baruch Fischhoff, Roxana Gonzalez, Deborah Small and Jennifer Lerner)

Number two, you can couple this with a fatwa, or religious ruling from another member of the religion of peace, Saudi Sheik Nasser bin Hamd al-Fahad who issued a fatwa, granting legal religious authority to the use of weapons of mass destruction against both the United States and Great Britain and their civilian populations. Now as a white, republican male I find this troubling and please write us at http://williamwebb.org if you are a member of any other demographic group and tell me why this doesn't bother you at all.

While not as scientific as the work of the geniuses at Carnegie Mellon, I did show this to a group of 12 democratic black women friends of mine who unanimously agreed that, " we should track down and kill all of these crazy M@*@*@ F*#@#@ as soon as possible." Personally, I think it's time to check how many black, democratic women are professors at Carnegie Mellon. I know 12 who are much brighter than the four half-wits of the mentioned article.

So now we have a bunch of white republican men and 12 democratic black women who are troubled by statements arguing both intellectual and spiritual justification to use weapons of mass destruction against American and British cities. How has this turned up as a rant today?

Al Jazeera reported over the weekend that "US and British special forces have cornered al-Qaida leader Usama bin Ladin in a mountainous area in northwest Pakistan, a British newspaper has reported.
Quoting "a US intelligence source", the Sunday Express said bin Ladin and "up to 50 fanatical henchmen" were inside an area 16km wide and deep "north of the town of Khanozai and the city of Quetta".
"He is boxed in," the unidentified source was quoted by the tabloid as saying, adding US special forces were "absolutely confident" he could not escape

Now at first blush, it would seem time to get the cage ready for bin Laden. The cage in which he is led through the streets of New York on his way to the temporary pigpen we have constructed for him and 20 or 30 of his closest friends in Battery Park. Justice could be served with some tent stakes, heavy rope and about 15 pounds of animal stimulant.

It would make a great short film with the simple voice of the narrator in the background speaking in Arabic, Farsi, Pashtun and the other dialects used by the haters of democracy, Jews and Christians: "We don't care what you do in your own countries but here's what happens when you F#@* with America on our own soil." Oh, delicious irony--simple justice--true and un-adorned.

I have spoken with six of my Arab and Pakistani friends who live here in the United States and they would buy the film because of the problems bin Laden and his Jihadi accomplices have caused Muslims here in America. They are also very concerned about the threat of weapons of mass destruction used against American cities.

So now we have white, republican men, 12 black, democratic women and six Arab and Pakistani-Americans who are troubled by WMD terror. Just in case you are in a demographic group not mentioned in the Carnegie Mellon academic's study and do care about terrorism, let me explain to you why the last day's of bin Laden may not bode well for some inhabitants of an American city.

Without giving away any of my book's headline value, many in the worldwide intelligence community are very concerned that bin Laden has a nuke. A working nuke. Nobody in the American government is going to publicly admit it due to the panic it could cause. But their is great evidence and concern that he has acquired one, and the only question is: Will he use it against the U.S. or Israel? Before you write this off as farfetched, go back and look at the warnings from the CIA, FBI, MI5 and other intelligence and government agencies during the past two years. All have warned that Al Qaida is attempting to acquire and plans to use WMDs against western cities.

During one his sermons last year, bin Laden vowed to die a martyrs death in 2004 in "the belly of the eagle." Now we do not have space here today to get into a deep analysis of what he meant by that. But if he does have a nuke, and we succeed in capturing or killing him before the first Tuesday in November, you should begin to be concerned if you live in Washington, New York or Los Angeles.

The liberal democrats will use the death or capture of Bin Laden as evidence that the war on terror is over. There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth from all but white republican men, 12 democratic black women and six Arab and Pakistani-Americans that it is time to divert energy and resources elsewhere.

It will be time for the ultimate sucker punch. For as Bin Laden said in an interview on Al Jazeera, "the Americans never understand until you hit them in the head."

It will be a very painful path to understanding.
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